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PT Welding & Fabricating was founded in 1994 by Paul and Marian Hanks. In 1998 the company was incorporated and became Hanks Enterprises Inc., dba PT Welding & Fabricating.

Our company started with 750 square feet. As of today we have over 24,000 square feet of shop space and 7-1/2 acres of land, which enables us to expand our operation as needed. Our first employee was recruited in 1995 and is currently still with the company. As of today we have over 35 employees staffed.

We are steel fabricators of ASME coded and stamped vessels. Mud, Fuel and Water Tanks, SCR, Poor Boy De-Gassers, Generator and Work Houses, Strainers, Skids, Piping, Sheet Metal, Heavy Structural and Non-structural Coded Work, Sandblasting, Painting, and misc. parts for the Fabricating Industry. We operate as an ASME coded shop along with being a member of the American Welding Society.

Our Quality Policy

Quality is the responsiblity of each and every employee at PT Welding & Fabricating. Quality encompasses the safety and health of our employees. Quality measures the degree of excellence with which our products and services satisfy the expectations of our customers. These expectations include on time delivery, and the best value to cost ratio. Our pledge to our customer is to continually improve upon our business processes to better serve our customers interest. We strive to provide products that enhance our customers profitability.

Quality is not just a slogan at PT Welding & Fabricating. IT is a commitment to our customers! 


We are committed to creating a team oriented environment in which all employees are able to influence and affect quality through continuous operation, research, development and service to our customers.

Our primary goal is to make our name, PT Welding & Fabricating synonymous with the superior quality of the products we produce. In the performance of that mission we strive to continue achieving controlled growth and profitability for the company to economically develop, manufacture and market our products and services. By achieving these goals, we create an environment of security, both personal as well as financial for our employees, our customers, our vendors and our community.
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